Curt’s Commentary

Curt’s Commentary is a series from 2020 discussing relevant topics during the Covid-19 pandemic. Curt hosted a unique webinar and blog series in order to discuss what many people throughout the world were experiencing at the time. Take a look at Curt’s Commentary below.

Blog Posts

By Curt Pringle Posted July 20, 2020

“Thinking About Tomorrow Today” – Like you, I have a point of view on many of the crazy issues out there and frankly, having opinions and being able to freely express them are part of what makes […]

By Curt Pringle Posted June 22, 2020

“Thinking about Tomorrow Today” – New habits in business, shopping, learning and more worth keeping. At the grocery store last weekend, of course wearing a mask, I was putting my groceries on […]

By Curt Pringle Posted May 28, 2020

“Thinking about Tomorrow Today” – I got my work ethic from my father. My Dad worked hard every day while I was growing up. He never complained about it. He never made excuses. He never […]

By Curt Pringle Posted May 12, 2020

“Thinking about Tomorrow Today” – When Governor Gavin Newsom recently shut down the beaches in Orange County, many used as “evidence” a couple of eye-level photos plus a reported estimate that […]

By Curt Pringle Posted April 28, 2020

“Thinking about Tomorrow Today” – As the coronavirus began to impact the country, government leaders at all levels declared “states of emergency.” That meant that this crisis was extraordinary, […]

By Curt Pringle Posted April 22, 2020

“Thinking about Tomorrow Today” – It is quite inspiring to see so many people across this country coming together during this COVID-19 crisis trying to do their part to help others. We have seen […]

By Curt Pringle Posted April 14, 2020

“Thinking about Tomorrow Today” – People throughout the country have a greater affection for their cities than any other level of government.  They may not know their mayor or council members by […]

By Curt Pringle Posted April 9, 2020

“Thinking about Tomorrow Today” – Last October, a pastor of a church in Indian Wells that my wife and I occasionally attend said, “We were late to putting our services online, as we were afraid […]

By Curt Pringle Posted April 6, 2020

“Thinking about Tomorrow Today” – we have all seen over the last couple weeks how government bodies act in a crisis, as national, state and local governments scramble to address the COVID-19 […]

By Curt Pringle Posted April 1, 2020

“Thinking about Tomorrow Today” – one of the greatest impacts of the COVID-19 crisis has been on our children and the closure of schools. This affects students of all ages from elementary to […]

By Curt Pringle Posted March 26, 2020

Part of our ‘Thinking About Tomorrow Today’ series
Today’s COVID-19 crisis has disrupted the normal course of everyday life, forcing more people than ever to embrace technology to continue […]

By Curt Pringle Posted March 19, 2020

We are all struggling with the daily changes to our personal and collective lives. Policy makers, business, community leaders, and public officials have the unique challenge of finding […]


10/22 A Discussion of November’s Ballot Propositions

9/24 How Has COVID Impacted City Planning for the Good?

8/20 Sports are Back!

7/30 Children’s Mental Health and Education Challenges during COVID

7/23 Southern California Mayor Discussion with Curt Pringle on COVID recovery, Funding Critical Government Services and Public Safety in our Communities

7/9 Public health in the workplace; developing a safe and secure work environment

7/2 How businesses can return to work safely while limiting liability

6/25 – Will the Restaurant Sector survive post COVID?

6/11 – City Parklets, Outdoor Dining and Pivoting During COVID-19

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