• I have been greatly impressed by the level of professionalism and commitment the Curt Pringle & Associates team has brought to bear over the years on behalf of their clients here in San Bernardino County. Their level of experience and expertise is definitely a critical asset to those for whom their advocacy is essential.

    Janice Rutherford Chairwoman, San Bernardino County Board Of Supervisors
  • I have had the pleasure of interacting with the Curt Pringle & Associates team since my days as Mayor of the City of Ontario, and more recently as a member of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors. I have always been highly impressed with the skills and abilities, honed from years of experience, they are able to employ in furtherance of their clients’ goals and objectives.

    Gary Ovitt 4th District Supervisor, San Bernardino County Board Of Supervisors
  • OCBC values the important role Curt Pringle and Associates plays in Orange County and throughout California. They are trusted advisors to the business community, committed to assisting their clients achieve their goals through community engagement and sound public policy.

    Lucy Dunn President & CEO, Orange County Business Council
  • Curt Pringle and Associates did a fantastic job leading the public outreach and public relations aspects associated with our proposed development project. With their leadership we were able to effectively and timely communicate with political stake holders as well as residents which built trust, demonstrated transparency and resulted in a meaningful and productive collaboration between all parties. Their expertise and deep relationships was invaluable to our team and the success of our project.

  • SCAG is committed to engaging every community in Southern California as we develop our Regional Transportation Plan. Curt Pringle and Associates has played an important role in helping to gather public input in our region, which encompasses nearly 200 cities and 19 million residents.

    Hasan Ikhrata Executive Director, Southern California Association of Governments
  • The business community understands the importance of community engagement and sound public policy in order to be successful and contribute to the economic growth of the region. OCBC appreciates having Curt Pringle and Associates engaged in Orange County as a trusted advisor for our investors and recognizes the commitment they bring to their clients while sharing our objectives for economic growth across Orange County.

    Jeffrey Ball President & CEO, Orange County Business Council
  • Curt Pringle and Associates has been a true partner in ending homelessness alongside HomeAid Orange County since 2010. Their involvement in the HomeAid Essentials campaign has supported more than 1,600 babies in our community through the collection of diapers, wipes, and food. The skills and expertise of the staff of Curt Pringle and Associates has not only been critical to the strategic implementation of the campaign but has helped to facilitate key relationships within the community that has raised the awareness of the campaign and led to the success of the campaign's growth and impact.

    Scott Larson Executive Director, HomeAid Orange County
  • Curt Pringle and Associates provided the City of Chino with thoughtful, timely, and professional advice and expertise at every step. Their knowledge and insight helped staff and our City Council members navigate the intricacies of a local ballot measure process, while giving us the right tools and advice to implement a highly successful informational campaign.

    Nicholas S. Liguori, AICP Director of Development Services, City of Chino
  • To put it simple, Curt Pringle & Associates (CP&A) produces results. CP&A brings both a rich mix of professional experience and expertise to key local, regional, and statewide issues. The CP&A team brings both thoughtful insight, strategy, and focused real-world action to government affairs, land use, and public outreach.

    Wallace Walrod Owner, TCCG LLC
  • Curt Pringle and Associates has delivered outstanding results for McDonald's throughout Orange County for over a decade. We know we can count on Curt, Zeshaan and the rest of the team to represent and protect our brand as they navigate through governmental agencies or negotiate with private property owners, HOAs and other community groups. CP&A have all the right contacts to get our projects approved and completed far more efficiently than we can do alone. Their team never disappoints!

  • Our first experience with Curt Pringle & Associates came at a time when we were in the midst of an unanticipated public relations situation that we were not prepared for nor did we have the staff or expertise to handle. They stepped in and implemented a thoughtful, effective strategy and messaging bringing calm to the situation and allowing us to resume our normal business. Finding CP&A was the upside of that challenging time. As a result, we have retained them as a key team member on several strategic projects advising us on community and governmental matters. Their knowledge of local government/community, professionalism and guidance have been invaluable to us.

    State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio
  • CP&A is a team of highly effective professionals that come from a diverse range of disciplines making them uniquely qualified to satisfy almost any client need. Curt and his team have a proven track record of success on behalf of businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of government to achieve a desired outcome.

    Bryan Starr Irvine Chamber of Commerce President & CEO
  • When it comes to advocating for SoCalGas’ priorities in and around Southern California, the team at Curt Pringle & Associates has been nothing short of outstanding. They have a robust network of connections and a keen understanding of how to get things done. It’s been a pleasure to partner with CP&A.

    Southern California Gas Company

Government Affairs

We have a competitive advantage in supporting clients who seek to do work with state or local governments.


Land Use and Entitlements

We have extensive experience in servicing retail, commercial, residential, and industrial property developers.

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We help you build awareness, educate key stakeholders, and reach diverse communities.


Strategic Planning and counsel

We can assist with the planning and implementation of your organization’s next big move.


Public Relations and Marketing Communications

We navigate your message in this new media landscape so that it stands out.

Industries Served in 2023
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Hours of Experience


  • Curt Pringle President

    Curt Pringle, with over 30 years of experience in land use, public relations, and government affairs, serves as President of CP&A and has a passion for navigating the political process on a state and local level.

    • Paul Simonds Senior Vice President

      Paul Simonds has more than 20 years of public affairs and strategic/crisis communications experience, spanning numerous issues and industries throughout California.

    • Katie Cawelti Vice President

      Katie Cawelti, having 10 years of outreach experience, serves as Vice President at CP&A  where she leads community outreach and local advocacy efforts at the firm.

    • Zeshaan Younus Vice President

      With over a decade of experience, Zeshaan Younus is a skilled entitlement practitioner with additional knowledge in alternative energy program deployment and strategic planning.

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