Talking Issues

Curt Pringle would like to introduce “Talking Issues”, a new series from CP&A where Curt sits down with experts to discuss some of the important public policy issues facing our communities.

Episode 7

Featuring Wing Lam, Owner of Wahoo’s Fish Taco

In Episode 7, Curt sits down with Wing Lam, owner of the iconic Orange County restaurant chain, Wahoo’s Fish Taco. Hear about his inspiring journey to becoming one of California’s most successful restaurateurs on this episode of Talking Issues.

Episode 6

Featuring Don Wagner, Chairman of the Orange County Board of Supervisors

In Episode 6, Curt sits down with Chairman Don Wagner of the Orange County Board of Supervisors to discuss the dynamics of state, county, and city elected office in California.

Episode 5

Featuring Ryan Chamberlain, District Director for Caltrans

In Episode 5, Curt sits down with Ryan Chamberlain, Caltrans District 12 Director. The two share in a great discussion unpacking some of California’s greatest transportation needs.

Episode 4

Featuring Michael Reynolds from the Law Offices of Snell and Wilmer

In Episode 4 of Talking Issues, Curt Pringle sits down with Michael Reynolds, Partner at the law offices of Snell & Wilmer, for an in-depth discussion on criminal justice. Mr. Reynolds has a unique perspective on criminal justice and was directly involved with the development of California’s Three Strikes Sentencing Law in the early 1990’s.

Episode 3

Featuring Laura Archuleta, President/CEO of Jamboree Housing Corporation

In this installment of Talking Issues, Curt Pringle sits down with President/CEO Laura Archuleta to discuss the issue of affordable housing in Orange County and Southern California.

Episode 2

Featuring Antonia Castro-Graham, Vice President of CP&A

In the second installment of Talking Issues, Curt sits down with CP&A VP Antonia Castro-Graham to discuss her experience and perspective on energy and sustainability issues within Orange County.

Episode 1

Featuring Major Nesan Kistan of The Salvation Army

Curt Pringle sits down with Major Nesan Kistan of The Salvation Army to discuss the big issues of homelessness, addiction, and mental health.  Major Kistan serves as the Divisional Secretary (CEO) for The Salvation Army Orange County.

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