Talking Issues

Curt Pringle would like to introduce “Talking Issues”, a series from CP&A where Curt sits down with experts to discuss some of the important public policy issues facing our communities.

Tracking Tax Dollars: Insights from OC Treasurer-Tax Collector
Feat. Shari Freidenrich
OC Treasurer-Tax Collector

In Episode 23, Curt Pringle sits down with Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector Shari Freidenrich as they discuss her role, how Orange County property tax dollars are collected, spent, and used and the advancements she has made in bringing payments and tax bills online.

Are You a Master of Your Profession? Michael Jordan is!
Feat. Michael Jordan
Master Sommelier

In Episode 22, Curt Pringle sits down with Master Sommelier Michael Jordan as they discuss what it takes to get into the wine industry and Michael’s experience as a Master Sommelier. Hear about his early life working at his father’s restaurant, his service in starting Disney’s Napa Rose Restaurant in Anaheim, and how he came to work at Jackson Family Wines. Hear about the secret to making great wine and how the industry is increasingly becoming more globalized as online sales are changing things up.

Check out our past episodes below

Episode 21 – Ensuring 19 Million People Have Clean Water

In Episode 21, Curt Pringle sits down with Adán Ortega, Chairman of the Board of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Hear about his role on the Board, where Southern California gets its water, how water usage has become more efficient over the last 30 years, and what future alternatives are available as current water sources are becoming less reliable.

Episode 20 – The Mind of a Retail Craftsman

In Episode 20, Curt Pringle sits down with retail craftsman, Shaheen Sadeghi, as they discuss the changing landscape of retail. Hear about the cultural shift from national chains to little American businesses, his time developing shopping experiences across SoCal, and his philosophy on micro-manufacturers being today’s innovators.

Episode 19 – Small Town America in OC

In Episode 19, Curt Pringle sits down with Los Alamitos Mayor Tanya Doby as they discuss her open-minded perspective on politics and how she came to be elected. Hear discussions on the military presence in the town, what she is doing to turn the small town into a small city, and how groupthink is hurting local politics.

Episode 18 – 2500 Homes Powered by One Windmill
In Episode 18, Curt Pringle sits down with the CEO of BayWa r.e. Wind, LLC, Gordon MacDougall, as they discuss the incredible potential of clean energy around the world. Hear discussions on the terms “renewable” and “clean” energy, how batteries are being used in tandem with solar panels and windmills, and the surprising struggle in building clean energy sources in California.

Episode 17 – Former Adversaries, Today
Curt Pringle sits down with State Senator Tom Umberg as they discuss their history of running against each other for the California State Assembly. Also listen in on how the legislature has changed over the last 30 years, differing opinions on term limits, homelessness, and the future of California.

Episode 16 – Are Smart Cars Coming Soon?
Curt Pringle sits down with Ryan Hall, OmniAir Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, as they discuss a new technology that will help make roadways safer by bringing interconnectivity to all vehicles on the road. Also, hear about issues surrounding data collection and how gas tax relates to electric vehicles.

Episode 15 – He was Everywhere in California Politics
Curt Pringle sits down with the Honorable James E. Rogan, Judge of the Orange County Superior Court, as they discuss his fascination with politics, his time as a judge, a member of Congress and a California State Assembly Member, and his experience as an impeachment manager during the Clinton trial.

Episode 14 – Does Land Development Work in California?
Curt Pringle sits down with Adrian Foley, President & CEO of Development at Brookfield Properties, as they discuss the challenges faced when building developments in California, why housing is so expensive in the state, and how office spaces can survive in the ever-increasing shift to remote work.

Episode 13 – A Great Future for Santa Ana
Curt Pringle sits down with Santa Ana City Manager Kristine Ridge as she discusses her journey working in local government, the continual improvements she and her staff are making in the city, and what the future holds for Santa Ana.

Episode 12 – A Stanley Cup Life Story
Curt Pringle sits down with Stanley Cup Champion and entrepreneur Joe DiPenta as he discusses his passion for hockey, his dedication to the Anaheim Ducks that won him a championship, and his transition post-NHL to become an entrepreneurial coach for business owners.

Episode 11 – City Challenges Led to Successes
Curt Pringle sits down with Councilmember Jed Leano from Claremont as they discuss his start in politics, the challenges he faces working in local government, and an in-depth discussion on the current problems and solutions surrounding California’s homelessness crisis.

Episode 10 – A Beer Maker’s Tale
Curt Pringle sits down with beer and libations expert, Brian Rauso, as he talks about his start in the OC brewery business, the challenges he faced during COVID, and what he believes it takes to succeed in the industry.

Episode 9 – An Entrepreneurial Life
Curt Pringle sits down with Orange County business icon Bill Taormina. Listen in as he describes his start in the waste management industry and how he is using his knowledge in the private sector to address homelessness issues.

Episode 8 – Where does $2.1M go in Anaheim?
Curt Pringle sits down with Visit Anaheim CEO, Jay Burress, to talk about travel and tourism and how their team is able to keep the Anaheim Convention Center as one of America’s busiest event destinations.

Episode 7 – Wahoo’s Fish Tacos Survived
Curt Pringle sits down with Wing Lam, owner of the iconic Orange County restaurant chain, Wahoo’s Fish Tacos. Hear about his inspiring journey to becoming one of California’s most successful restaurateurs on this episode of Talking Issues.

Episode 6 – Does Government Work?
Curt Pringle sits down with Chairman Don Wagner of the Orange County Board of Supervisors to discuss the dynamics of state, county, and city elected office in California.

Episode 5 – Are there Roads in Your Future?
Curt Pringle sits down with Ryan Chamberlain, Caltrans District 12 Director. The two share in a great discussion unpacking some of California’s greatest transportation challenges.

Episode 4 – What Happened to Public Safety?
Curt Pringle sits down with Michael Reynolds, Partner at the law offices of Snell & Wilmer, for an in-depth discussion on criminal justice. Mr. Reynolds has a unique perspective on criminal justice and was directly involved with the development of California’s Three Strikes Sentencing Law in the early 1990’s.

Episode 3 – Why is California so Behind?
Curt Pringle sits down with President/CEO Laura Archuleta of Jamboree Housing to discuss the issue of affordable housing in Orange County and Southern California.

Episode 2 – Is Sustainable Energy Doable?
Curt Pringle sits down with former CP&A Vice President Antonia Castro-Graham to discuss her experience and perspective on energy and sustainability issues within Orange County.

Episode 1 – Salvation for the Homeless
Curt Pringle sits down with Major Nesan Kistan of The Salvation Army to discuss the big issues of homelessness, addiction, and mental health.  Major Kistan serves as the Divisional Secretary (CEO) for The Salvation Army Orange County.

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