Public Affairs & Public Relations

publicaffairsrelationsPublic Affairs – Curt Pringle & Associates provides community outreach, media relations and strategic guidance services to a variety of public agencies, enabling these entities to effectively disseminate important information to their constituents and/or ratepayers and preempting potential crises. The firm’s comprehensive public information and public education campaigns have proven extremely effective for our public agency clients.

Services provided include building consensus for new programs, communicating complex issues in a straightforward manner and managing communications with other government agencies and the communities they serve.

Public Relations – Building positive public perceptions and working with the public and media can be challenging to corporations, organizations and trade associations. Curt Pringle & Associates takes a strategic approach to every issue and works with clients on the successful implementation of public relations programs.

Strategic consultation involves perception management, crisis communications and counsel on strategic issues.

Media and public relations includes the creation of media kits, preparing press releases, providing quotes and other information to media sources and developing or assisting with other client outreach efforts such as trade shows, newsletters and brochures and other PR strategies. We specialize in the development and delivery of crucial messages to the media and the community via a broad media spectrum.