Government Affairs


Curt Pringle & Associates has a competitive advantage in serving clients who seek to do business with state or local governments. The firm has the knowledge, expertise and experience in how government works and brings those skills and abilities to bear to provide an unparalleled level of service. Each member of our team possesses and maintains extensive contacts with elected and appointed officials and government staff throughout the region to effectively communicate client objectives.

Our local government affairs efforts have provided a variety of private companies the opportunity to learn more about local government, communicate their messages to key local government leaders, and expand their opportunities with these entities.

In addition, we offer our clients a full menu of consulting services to members of the Legislature and specific, targeted representation in the State Capitol. We represent clients and frame their messages and goals in ways that legislators find not only clear, concise and easy to understand, but relevant to their particular constituency.

The state government is more than the State Legislature. We also have expertise in working with the various state agencies and departments that make significant decisions daily that affect the lives of all Californians.